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March 6, 2021
  • Issues #255, #492 — Improved support for dark Qt themes.
  • Fixed preview jumping to top during MathJax rendering.
  • Issue #544 — Fixed QTextBrowser-based preview jumping.
  • Issue #548 — Fixed opening files with spaces from QTextBrowser-based preview.
  • Issue #549 — Use defaultCodec setting by default when saving files; correctly detect encoding for UTF-8 files with BOM.


February 8, 2021
  • Dependency changes:
    • Python ≥ 3.6 is now required.
    • Qt and PyQt ≥ 5.11 are now required.
  • General improvements:
    • Added ability to show a side panel with directory tree (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #531).
    • Added support for searching in the preview mode.
    • When some text is selected and a quote, bracket or emphasis key is pressed, the text is surrounded rather than replaced (contributed by Daniel Venturini in #520).
    • Added an option to fully highlight wrapped lines (contributed by nihillum in #523).
    • Improved current line highlighting for right-to-left text layout.
    • Ordered list behavior can now be configured to repeat or increment the list item number (contributed by Binokkio in #527).
    • Added mnemonics to open the menus from keyboard (contributed by David Hebbeker in #528).
    • Added Apply button to the Preferences dialog (contributed by Amos Kong in #543).
    • Removed use of deprecated Python, Python-Markdown, Qt and PyQt API.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Issue #507 — Improved the error message when trying to build ReText as a wheel package.
    • Issue #529 — Markup that intersects with code blocks is no longer highlighted.
    • PR #530 — Preview is no longer updated when it is not shown (contributed by rhn in #530).
    • Issue #533 — Fixed showing local images with Qt WebEngine 5.15.
  • Translations updated:
    • Arabic (contributed by ZamanOof).
    • Chinese (China) (contributed by liulitchi).
    • Dutch (contributed by Heimen Stoffels).
    • Japanese (contributed by YAMADA Shinichirou).
    • Persian (contributed by Hadi F).
    • Polish (contributed by Maciej Haudek).
    • Russian.
    • Spanish (contributed by Félix Fischer).
    • Swedish (contributed by Philip Andersen).


April 4, 2020
  • General improvements:
    • New files are now opened in new tabs by default, not new windows (contributed by Daniele Scasciafratte in #476). This can be disabled using openFilesInExistingWindow configuration option.
    • Preferences dialog improvements: it now uses tabs; added a link to configuration file (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #327); clicking on checkbox label now changes checkbox state.
    • Return key now automatically continues quote blocks and ordered lists (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #298 and #326).
    • It is now possible to close the current tab with Ctrl+W (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #283).
    • Ctrl+wheel on editor now increases/decreases font size (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #328). Ctrl+wheel in preview zooms in/out (#400).
    • Alt+Up/Down arrow now moves the current line up/down (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #337).
    • Added “Jump to Line” feature, with Ctrl+G shortcut (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #382).
    • Table mode improvements (contributed by Maurice van der Pot).
    • “Paste Image” moved to a separate action, with Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut.
    • Added “Insert table” dialog (contributed by Changhee Kim in #431).
    • Clicking a link to nonexistent file now prompts the user to create it (contributed by red-kite in #436 and Xavier Gouchet in #459).
    • Added a menu action to insert images from filesystem (contributed by Daniel Venturini in #500).
  • New options added:
    • relativeLineNumbers — count line numbers as relative to the current line (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #270).
    • documentStatsEnabled — show text statistics in the lower left corner of the editor (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #268 and #338).
    • rightMarginWrap — soft-wrap text at user specified margin line (contributed by Oğuzhan Öğreden in #313).
    • paperSize — set the default paper size for print or PDF export (contributed by mray271 in #335).
    • recentDocumentsCount — number of recent files to show in the menu (contributed by red-kite in #407).
    • windowTitleFullPath — show full path in window title (contributed by red-kite in #429).
    • defaultPreviewState — mode for new tabs: editor, normal-preview or live-preview (contributed by red-kite in #435). It replaces the old livePreviewByDefault option.
    • wideCursor — make cursor as wide as characters.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Issue #252 — Limit max-width of images to 100%.
    • Issue #267 — now installs retext.svg icon.
    • Issues #281, #469 — Autofill current filename for PDF export and Save As dialogs (the Save As part contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #474).
    • Issue #291 — Make sure search result does not overlap with stats/info areas.
    • Issue #301 — Made the Markdown include extension working.
    • PR #315 — Fixed handling multi-line rows in reStructuredText tables in table mode (contributed by R1dO).
    • Issue #346 — Ctrl+F now focuses the search field, not closes the search bar. To close the search bar, now the Escape key can be used.
    • Issue #378 — Ensure that cursor is visible after resizes.
    • Issue #397 — Only check whether .css file exists on initial page load.
    • Issue #399 — Try to load before creating QApplication.
    • Issue #408 — Fix printing with dark themes.
    • Issue #409 — Make the WebKit renderer use disk cache.
    • PRs #411, #417, #426, #494 — AppData file improvements (contributed by scx).
    • Issue #441 — Files reloading no longer triggers tab change.
    • Issue #445 — Implemented PDF export for the WebEngine renderer.
    • Issue #451 — Make the synchronized scroll implementation not break the pymdownx.highlight extension.
    • Issues #452, #497, #499 — Prevent pip from building wheels, as that results in broken desktop files.
    • Issues #467, #488 — WebEngine renderer broken with new Qt versions.
    • Issue #468 — Include the stylesheet in exported HTML.
    • Issue #479 — Display * in tab title when document is modified and unsaved (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #480).
    • Issue #487 — Added a workaround for missing icons in Ubuntu 19.10 Yaru theme.
    • PR #496 — Enable HiDPI icons (contributed by Guo Yunhe).
  • Translations updated:
    • Chinese (China) (contributed by liulitchi and the Chinese team).
    • Czech (contributed by David Kolibáč).
    • Danish (contributed by scootergrisen).
    • Dutch (contributed by Heimen Stoffels).
    • Finnish (contributed by elguitar).
    • German (contributed by Oliver A. Gubler in #370, Carsten Beck).
    • Italian (contributed by Alessandro Menti).
    • Korean (contributed by MukKim in #415).
    • Portuguese (Brazil) (contributed by EdemarSantos).
    • Portuguese (European) (contributed by Ricardo Simões in #278).
    • Russian (contributed by Vladislav Glinsky, Виктор Ерухин).
    • Serbian (contributed by Slobodan Simić).
    • Spanish (contributed by Félix Fischer, Fito JB).
    • Swedish (contributed by Philip Andersen).
    • Ukrainian (contributed by Vladislav Glinsky).


September 23, 2018

performance (#360), fixed crash on Windows when pasting images (#385), support for Python-Markdown 3.0, and updated translations.*


June 6, 2018

fixed tarball contents.*


June 5, 2018

importantly, issues with installation (#324, #363, #365), with synchronized scrolling breaking code blocks highlighting (#299), with emoji support (#357, #368), and with some lines disappearing after opening files (#345).*


June 25, 2017

procedure in, some crash fixes, and updated translations.*


February 11, 2017
  • It is now possible to install ReText on Windows and macOS using a simple pip install ReText command. This will pull PyQt5 wheels from PyPI, and also download and extract the icons pack needed on this platforms. Setup now also generates a wrapper batch script (this was contributed by Hong-She Liang).
  • Added experimental Qt WebEngine renderer, in addition to the existing Qt WebKit one.
  • The highlighter got support for reStructuredText links, field lists and for Markdown and reStructuredText code spans.
  • The replace option was added to the search toolbar.
  • The WebKit and WebEngine previewers can now detect links to local HTML files and open the corresponding source files in new tab if those are found.
  • The table mode is now able to insert inter-cell line breaks and new rows, when Return and Shift-Return are pressed (respectively).
  • ReText can now automatically detect files encoding when chardet module is present (contributed by Hong-She Liang).
  • A configuration option for automatically opening last files was added (contributed by Hong-She Liang).
  • A configuration option for hiding the tabs bar when there is only one tab was added.


October 3, 2016

startup on Plasma and adding some new translations.*


June 25, 2016

making auto-save work again.*


May 10, 2016
  • The live preview now automatically scrolls to match its position with the editor (only for Markdown).
  • Markup conversion is now performed in a background process, improving responsiveness of the editor.
  • Images can now be copied and pasted into ReText (contributed by Bart Clephas).
  • Added a button to quickly close the search bar.
  • Added basic CSS styling for tables.
  • Replaced the tags box with the new “Formatting” box for Markdown (contributed by Donato Marrazzo).
  • Hitting return twice now ends the Markdown list.
  • ReText now depends on version 2.0 or higher of pymarkups.
  • The QtWebKit dependency is now optional (though still recommended).


December 20, 2015
  • Tabs are now reorderable.
  • All colors used in editor and highlighter are now configurable via the configuration file.
  • Links referencing other source files are now opened in ReText as new tabs (feature contributed by Jan Korte).
  • Code refactoring: some code moved to the new module, and some old hacks dropped.
  • The ReText logo is now installed to the data directory.
  • Appstream metadata updated to a newer format.
  • The desktop file no longer hardcodes the executable path (fix contributed by Buo-Ren Lin).


September 23, 2015
  • ReText now tries to load the icon theme from system settings if Qt cannot auto-detect it.
  • Added a GUI option to change the editor font.
  • Added appdata file for appstream.


June 30, 2015
  • Editor now displays cursor position in bottom-right corner.
  • Added FakeVim mode (contributed by Lukas Holecek).
  • ReText now shows a notification when the file was modified by another application, to prevent data loss.
  • WebPages generator removed (as better alternatives exist).
  • Plain text mode removed.
  • Added ability to configure file extensions for Markdown and reStructuredText.


July 26, 2014
  • Table editing mode.
  • New settings: colorSchemeFile and uiLanguage.
  • More settings are now configurable from GUI.
  • Code base simplification and modernization.
  • Dropped support for Qt 4.
  • Added testsuite.


August 18, 2013
  • Added configuration dialog.
  • Added current line highlighting and line numbers support.
  • Added support for PyQt5 and PySide libraries.
  • Use new signals/slots syntax.
  • Added option to select file encoding.
  • Dropped support for Python 2 and support for running without WebKit installed.


December 6, 2012
  • Switch to pymarkups backend.
  • Switch to Python 3 by default.
  • Split to smaller files.
  • MathJax support.
  • Tab now inserts 4 spaces by default.
  • Automatic indentation of new lines.
  • External links are now opened in a web browser by default.
  • Support for per-document CSS stylesheets.


June 7, 2012
  • Spell checker suggestions.
  • Markup-specific highlighting.
  • Re-written parser and document-type logic.
  • Lots of code clean-up.


March 8, 2012
  • Python 3 support.
  • Improved highlighter.
  • Export extensions.
  • Recent files menu.
  • Spell checking improvements.
  • Shortcuts for formatting.
  • WebKit engine improvements.


October 2, 2011
  • Ability to use QtWebKit.
  • Splitter between edit and preview boxes.
  • Support for opening several files via command-line.
  • Support for GData 3 API and replacing existing document in Google Docs.
  • Help page.


August 4, 2011
  • Support for reStructuredText, with a GUI option to switch between Markdown and reStructuredText.
  • Text search.
  • Global CSS file support.
  • File auto-save support.
  • WpGen 0.4, also with reST support.
  • Getting title from ReST title or Markdown metadata.
  • Changed the default extension for Markdown to .mkd.
  • New “About” dialog.


May 28, 2011
  • Added spell checker based on enchant.
  • Added fullscreen mode.


April 24, 2011
  • First stable release.
  • Add “Select default font” option.
  • Use HTML input when Markdown is not loaded.
  • Add Ctrl+Shift+E sequence for Live preview.


April 9, 2011
  • Add “Show folder”, “Markdown syntax examples” actions.
  • Start even if Python-Markdown is not installed.
  • Do not highlight quotes outside the tags.
  • Save plain text documents with *.txt format.


April 5, 2011
  • Tabs support.
  • GUI for WpGen.
  • Launching preview on Ctrl+E shortcut.


March 13, 2011
  • First public beta release.