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September 30, 2017
  • 1eba8d2 Added debug output (@ricardonunesdev)
  • f9518a0 Changed tests because of debug (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 1cd0dec Added debug module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 6015e37 Improved promise chain (@ricardonunesdev)
  • d4a3b52 Updated dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)
  • f100b65 Added v0.1.8 (@ricardonunesdev)


September 27, 2017
  • 454c2d2 Version 0.1.8 - Updated dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)
  • f6c132e Updated request module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • e894cbf Added CHANGELOG (@ricardonunesdev)


September 21, 2017
  • ae34b51 Version 0.1.7 - Added CHANGELOG (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 0c9c7f6 Added Warning section and link to changelog (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 15d88c8 Added changelog (generated by github-changes) (@ricardonunesdev)


September 21, 2017
  • accf7a2 Version 0.1.6 - Updated dependencies and additional feedback channels (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 37e5f26 Merge branch 'master' of (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 94a1cff Added more info to Feedback section (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 5cc8d4e Updated request package (@ricardonunesdev)
  • ccc6712 Updated Gitter link (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 83d6718 Moved gitter badge/link (@ricardonunesdev)
  • #1 Merge pull request #1 from gitter-badger/gitter-badge (@gitter-badger)
  • 398b545 Add Gitter badge (@gitter-badger)
  • 27b6def Reordered badges (@ricardonunesdev)


September 19, 2017
  • 2277403 Version 0.1.5 - updated dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 0445d6b Updated dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)


September 18, 2017
  • 7fd33c9 Version 0.1.4 - updated dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)
  • ab13ebf Merge branch 'master' of (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 5363bd7 Updated is-valid-domain module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 93b3031 Added code of conduct (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 6d86861 Added repository type (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 2182e57 Added relevant keywords (@ricardonunesdev)


September 14, 2017
  • 26a57a7 Version 0.1.3 - improved description and usage (@ricardonunesdev)
  • a091de7 Described more clearly the module itself and how to use it (@ricardonunesdev)


September 14, 2017
  • a5fabca Version 0.1.2 - added more badges (@ricardonunesdev)
  • da9e0c8 Added more badges (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 83e998a Updated description (@ricardonunesdev)


September 14, 2017
  • 653edf8 Version 0.1.1 - fixed a few bugs, added more tests, and added badges (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 99e5061 Added badges for Travis CI and Coveralls (@ricardonunesdev)
  • befb263 Added test for domain that doesn't exist (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 4e86f15 Fixed error message (@ricardonunesdev)
  • b6ed33f Added coveralls integration (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 27c900e Installed istanbul and coveralls for test coverage analysis (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 8b5d137 Updated test because Travis CI can't ping (@ricardonunesdev)
  • fd28a56 Debugging Travis CI (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c72f8b4 Added coverage folder (@ricardonunesdev)
  • abd2b7d Remove unnecessary comment (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 8b4ba7e Updated test to try pinging (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 22c4fbb Removed unnecessary output (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 8212481 Using promise version of ping (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 389d489 Output for debugging (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 32d8cde Fix error for invalid domains (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 8309ee0 Config for Travis CI (@ricardonunesdev)


September 14, 2017
  • 10bbe67 Added feedback section (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 1992cf3 Added additional info (@ricardonunesdev)
  • da6a5f9 Deleted old file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 16685ea Deleted old file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 7e9c91a Deleted old file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • e0ea96f Deleted old file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • aa6a94c Added github url (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 6a65697 Removed unnecessary lines (@ricardonunesdev)
  • b4b2043 Added relevant module information and usage (@ricardonunesdev)
  • b7739c6 Added test for non-pinging server ( (@ricardonunesdev)
  • a2e3245 Updated module info (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c7cad05 Simplified error messaging (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 44f2ba3 Added tests for invalid and valid domains (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 499eb19 Increased mocha timeout to 30s (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 70599f0 Testing empty domain name (@ricardonunesdev)
  • eeaa77e Installed mocha and chai for testing (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 359e366 Updated path to module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • cb56654 Updated info and module name (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 6f82b49 Small fix (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 51b8b09 Renamed temporary launcher (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 4036a42 Renamed module file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c83c4b7 Added is-valid-domain module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 0e29f3b Validate domain before execution (@ricardonunesdev)
  • b259a53 Add online boolean and domain to result (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 065d06c Request domain to get status code (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 1586afe Ping ip address + Validate result (@ricardonunesdev)
  • d5c1551 Testing domain ping for (@ricardonunesdev)
  • debead6 Changed repo name (@ricardonunesdev)
  • e31a356 Temporary old code for consultation (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 4d9b88d Refactored + Get domain ip (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 386125d Better comments (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 1beff08 Debug messages (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 86a823d Ignore empty lines in input file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c14e85a Remove duplicates in input file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 636e41e Removed unnecessary module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • b88e33e Removed unnecessary lib (@ricardonunesdev)
  • faa856a Clean up (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 376ee48 Fixed callback error + New output format (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 083333b Added output temporary file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c1195ac Duplicate code for success (@ricardonunesdev)
  • d84bdc9 Test HTTPS if HTTP failed (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 16c78c1 Used data object + output function (@ricardonunesdev)
  • b937079 Back to parallel checking (much better) (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 6fc82f3 Skipping ENOTFOUND domains (@ricardonunesdev)
  • ad5ffef Ping domains in sequence (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 7331db4 Moved domain to first position in output (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 5a70cff Removed unnecessary comment (@ricardonunesdev)
  • d3b8506 Text file sample with domains (@ricardonunesdev)
  • adeff65 Added text file to gitignore (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 3b01a9b Request url for status code + get domains from text file (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c110d7e Added request module (@ricardonunesdev)
  • c43bcc9 Moved isAlive to middle because OCD (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 1ed0783 Padding for largest ip size (15) (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 1bce128 Installed pad for output (@ricardonunesdev)
  • e8847b9 Moved ip to first position in output (@ricardonunesdev)
  • fb29f0f Changed ping async call to sync (@ricardonunesdev)
  • fe51da5 Fix ping call error (@ricardonunesdev)
  • bfc7b96 Install bluebird (@ricardonunesdev)
  • d01fa40 Promisified version (@ricardonunesdev)
  • d611733 Require dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)
  • ea464a8 Sample domains (@ricardonunesdev)
  • ab8a67f Installed dependencies (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 938e8e7 First commit (@ricardonunesdev)
  • 53e845d Initial commit (@ricardonunesdev)