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  • Tree-builder support for 'if/else/elseif' tags (avoid unexpected closing tag errors).
  • Fix to text nodes only escaping the fist block of whitespace.


  • Now, attribute names are lowercased in the builder, only for empty namespaces (i.e. not svg).


  • Included TEXTAREA as special tag that can contain only raw text and expressions.
  • For SVG tags, now the ns property is the full URI
  • The children property of TAGs is renamed to nodes.


  • The default builder is integrated in this module and injected in the parser.
  • Only two versions, node CommonJS (transpiled to ES5) and ES6 modules (untranspiled).
  • The nodeTypes property of TagParser is removed, now is in a separated submodule.
  • Exposing skipES6TL to skip ES6 Template Literals.
  • Reduction of code size, skipRegex is imported from npm.
  • Source files (ES6) are moved to the "lib/" directory.
  • Remove dependency on Object.assign.
  • Updated devDependencies.


  • Added suport for SVG en the tests.
  • Added test/builder/tree-builder2.js as sample.
  • Support for self-closing script/style tags.
  • The replace property of attributes and text is discarded and there's a new property unescape is an array containing the positions of the escape characters (relative to the whole buffer).
  • Matching literal regexes is a bit faster now.
  • Fixes incorrect regex that matches literal regexes.


  • First public release


  • Support for case sensitive properties in SVG elements.