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Breaking changes

  • Add options argument to all public database adapter methods that read or write from snapshots or ops.

  • DB methods that get snapshots or ops no longer return metadata unless {metadata: true} option is passed.

  • Replace source argument with options in doc methods. Use options.source instead.

  • Backend streams now write objects intead of strings.

  • MemoryDB.prototype._querySync now returns {snapshots: ..., extra: ...} instead of just an array of snapshots.

Non-breaking changes

  • Add options argument to backend.submit.

  • Add error codes to all errors.

  • Add 'updated' event on queries which fires on all query result changes.

  • In clients, wrap errors in Error objects to they get passed through event emitters.

  • Sanitize stack traces when sending errors to client, but log them on the server.


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