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January 28, 2021


  • New types of SmartCore::Types::Variadic category:
    • SmartCore::Types::Variadic::Enum (a simple enumeration on plain values);


January 18, 2021


  • Support for Ruby 3;


December 22, 2020


  • Extended Type Definition API: support for runtime attributes:
    • Type checkers, type casters and type invariants now receives runtime attributes (you can omit these);
    • Type definitioning extended with runtime_attribute_checker-checker definition (runtime attributes validator);
    • Types with incorrect runtime attributes will raise SmartCore::Types::IncorrectRuntimeAttributesError exception;
    • Types which has no support for runtime attributes will raise SmartCore::Types::RuntimeAttributesUnsupportedError excpetion;
    • All types by default has a method alias (()) which does not allow runtime attributes (for example: SmartCore::Types::Value::String has a runtime-based alias SmartCore::Types::Value::String() which does not accept any attribute (SmartCore::Types::Value::String('test') will raise SmartCore::Types::RuntimeAttributesUnsupportedError respectively));
  • Extended Internal Type Development API:
    • all types has a reference to it's type category;
  • Brand new SmartCore::Types::Protocol type category and new types:
    • SmartCore::Types::Protocol::InstanceOf (runtime-based type);
  • Brand new SmartCore::Types::Variadic type category and new types:
    • SmartCore::Types::Variadic::Tuple (runtime-based type);
  • New types of SmartCore::Types::Value category:
    • SmartCore::Types::Value::Set (based on Set type with a support for type casting);
  • Support for BasicObject values inside type checkers that can not be checked correctly via #is_a?/#kind_of? before;


  • Updated development dependencies;
  • Drop Travis CI (TODO: migrate to Github Actions);
  • Ruby@2.4 is no longer supported;


November 21, 2020


  • Brand new Type invariant API:
    • globally refactored validation logic (with backward compatability for #valid?(value) method);
    • new type definition DSL: .invariant(name) and .invariant_chain(name);
    • chained invariants will be invoked according to the definition order (second invokation depends on previous successful invariant check);
    • new validation API: validate(value) (with #errors support based on invariant names);
    • at this moment Invariant API is supported only by primitive types (type sum and type multiplication support coming soon);


  • Updated smart_engine dependency (to ~> 0.7) (need SmartCore::Engine::Atom);


May 5, 2020
  • Release :)