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Only use AudioContext in supported browsers


Remove AudioObject vendor #51

Add connectSource prop to Player #50

Fix formateTime missing a 0 before minutes if it contains an hour #49


Fix stale Media prop callback state


Fix volume not being set correctly across vendors


Allow React 16 on peerDependencies #47


Break AudioObject into its own vendor #44


Do not set ref when using audio object #43

Fix for Firefox throwing an out of bounds error #42

Workaround to cancel outstanding buffering network requests #41


Check if document is defined (SSR support) #40


Make sure to return play from HTML5 component #38


Return play in Media method so we can react to any promises that may have been returned


Update ALL imports of PropTypes #37


Migrate from React.PropTypes to prop-types package #35


Fix fullscreen for Youtube videos

Fix for durations over an hour #20


withMediaPlayer has been removed in favor of a smart Player component that can be passed as a child in the Media component

Each callback now gets the full state of the player passed into it as an object

play, pause, playPause, stop, seekTo, mute, muteUnmute, setVolume, and fullscreen are all passed into a child function as well as available as public methods on the Media component

Added ability to use an audio object to store audio in memory rather than a DOM node

Moved keyboard controls into a function see example MediaPlayer component for usage

Player will default to an empty video player instead of erroring when no src is provided.

Made isLoading state better

Fix Safari crashing when using Audio Object


Pass vendor to Media child function

Makes sure Youtube player is loaded before switching sources


Media component now accepts autoPlay, loop, and event callback props

Removed get-file-extension in favor of using a regex and test

Fixed API loader to not call callback until script is loaded


Renamed KeyboardControls -> withKeyboardControls

withKeyboardControls exposed on ReactMediaPlayer rather than utils

Context not meant to be used publicly now, everything should be ran through decorator functions


Fixed seekbar not updating while scrubbing

Fixed range inputs showing full progress on initial load

Now checks if onChange is used in Seekbar and Volume components

Patched Youtube not getting proper duration when loading a new video

Reset duration when loading a new Youtube video


Allow better styling of SeekBar and Volume controls by passing background-size. Specifically for styling back fill color in Chrome

Workaround for know bug with input ranges in <= IE11


Fixes bad reference to main file in package.json


Added vendor prop to allow explicitly choosing which component to render for the player. Useful for cases where we can't determine what type of file is trying to be played.


Complete rewrite, better API, use of context in place of spreading props.