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New Features

  • column.filterAll - defaults to false, but when set to true will provide the entire array of rows to filterMethod as opposed to one row at a time. This allows for more fine-grained filtering using any method you can dream up. See the Custom Filtering example for more info.


New Features

  • PadRowComponent - the content rendered inside of a padding row. Defaults to a react component that renders  


New Features

  • defaultSortDesc - allows you to set the default sorting direction for all columns to descending.
  • column.defaultSortDesc - allows you to set the default sorting direction for a specific column. Falls back to the global defaultSortDesc when not set at all.


New Features

  • New Renderers:
    • Aggregated - Custom renderer for aggregated cells
    • Pivot - Custom renderer for Pivoted Cells (utilizes Expander and PivotValue)
    • PivotValue - Custom renderer for Pivot cell values (deprecates the undocumented pivotRender option)
    • Expander - Custom renderer for Pivot cell Expander
  • Added custom sorting methods per table via defaultSortMethod and per column via column.sortMethod
  • Pivot columns are now visibly separate and sorted/filtered independently.
  • Added column.resizable to override global table resizable option for specific columns.
  • Added column.sortable to override global table sortable option for specific columns.
  • Added column.filterable to override global table filterable option for specific columns.
  • Added defaultExpanded table option.
  • All callbacks can now be utilized without needing to hoist and manage the piece of state they export. That is what their prop counterparts are for, so now the corresponding prop is used instead of the callback to detect a "fully controlled" state.
  • Prevent transitions while column resizing for a smoother resize effect.
  • Disable text selection while resizing columns.

Breaking API Changes

  • New Renderers:
    • Cell - deprecates and replaces render
    • Header - deprecates and replaces header
    • Footer - deprecates and replaces footer
    • Filter- deprecates and replaces filterRender
  • Callbacks now provide the destination state as the primary parameter(s). This makes hoisting and controlling the state in redux or component state much easier. eg.
    • onSorting no longer requires you to build your own toggle logic
    • onResize no longer requires you to build your own resize logic
  • Renamed onChange callback -> onFetchData which will always fire when a new data model needs to be fetched (or if not using manual, when new data is materialized internally).
  • Renamed filtering -> filtered
  • Renamed sorting -> sorted
  • Renamed expandedRows -> expanded
  • Renamed resizing -> resized
  • Renamed defaultResizing -> defaultResized
  • Renamed defaultFiltering -> defaultFiltered
  • Renamed defaultSorting -> defaultSorted
  • Renamed onSortingChange -> onSortedChange
  • Renamed onFilteringChange -> onFilteredChange
  • Renamed onResize -> onResizedChange
  • Renamed onExpandRow -> onExpandedChange
  • Renamed showFilters -> filterable
  • Renamed hideFilter -> filterable (Column option. Note the true/false value is now flipped.)
  • cellInfo.row and rowInfo.row now reference the materialize data for the table. To reference the original row, use cellInfo.original and rowInfo.original
  • Removed pivotRender column option. You can now control how the value is displayed by overriding the PivotValueComponent or the individual column's PivotValue renderer. See Pivoting Options Story for a reference on how to customize pivot column rendering.