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Bug fix: Using the --force option to push a moved branch (version tag) to remote, as required under certain circumstances.


Support extra GIT tags (actually branches, to be better movable) to set for the publication commit. These names can then be used as alternate version reference(s) on consumption side.


Support type definitions (d.ts files) in published package


Fix #19 - package.json prepublish scripts can cause publish to fail


  • Support for optional parameters / default parameter behaviour
  • Support for new promise result (object with conclusion property)
  • Support for optional prepublish callback


  • Supports basic scenarios
    • Takes a package directory and Git URL and publishes to it in a way that matches npm publish or npm pack.
    • Supports creating a git tag to mark the release
    • Currently you provide all the information (see API docs in README), doesn't decide anything for you.
  • Simplest possible implementation for current design
    • All required parameters