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  • Small fixes in the client / server setup.
  • createActions(..) alias added to redux utils, to use that function without explicit import of redux-actions module.


  • Fixes and enhancements in the client / server setup (HMR, Redux, Server-side rendering);
  • Added: DevTools (Redux Dev Tools); <MetaTags> (convenient management of meta-tags that provide content for page title, social sharing links, etc.); redux utils for creation of Redux store, and various auxiliary operations with actions and reducers.


  • Adds the client-side initialization code, and makes some corrections of the standard Wepback configs and server setup.


  • Added the standard, configurable server setup;
  • Jest utils are now exposed in a different way;
  • Config / isomorphy / webpack utils added;
  • Updated dependencies.


  • Webpack configs for apps updated to emulate process.env.BABEL_ENV instead of process.env.NODE_ENV. The original intent behind emulation of that constant was to distinguish development and production bundles during the runtime; in our code depending on this package it is BABEL_ENV allows to distinguish the builds, while NODE_ENV serve to switch between dev and prod APIs to be used during the runtime.


The first release of the package. In general, everything is set up, we are going to move in difference stuff, without changing created package structure.


Pre-release drafts of the initial package version. A big journey starts here.