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July 11, 2019

Fix for notched phone #144

Fix initialized seekerWidth #143 Increase lodash version #157


Update the readme


Fix for #86

  • Added toggleResizeModeOnFullscreen prop which defaults to true


Added in new event hooks for users to take advantage of... These are: onPlay, onPause, onEnterFullscreen and onExitFullscreen. Shout out to @dashracer and @Gregoirevda.


Added in disablePlayPause and showOnStart props. Shout out to @afilp and @batusai513.


November 1, 2018

Fix for #67

  • Changed renderNullControl to return empty <View/>


December 12, 2017

Fix for #58


February 11, 2017

Update peer deps and version up.


January 11, 2017



Bug fixes. Updated react-native-video to ^2.0.0 in the peer deps and react-native to 47.2. Changed default title font size to 14.


  • Related to a number of things...hitbox size, zIndex, overflow for whatever reason. Seekbar layout has been rebuilt and tested in both iOS and Android.


  • Props were being assigned twice. Removing second assignment has resolved the issue.


September 8, 2017

Distilled down some merge requests and found a simple solution to a seekbar issue reported. Sometimes you just gotta give your elements a little more space. Let this be a lesson not to rush out push requests between meetings...I think this warrants a larger version can now pass any prop to the <VideoPlayer> element and it'll pass those to react-native-video. API changes quite a lot because of that but shouldn't break.


September 8, 2017


  • Fix flex issue with Android


  • Added additional RN Video params to opts call



  • Add react-native-video as a peer-dependency



  • Floor time values to prevent wrong time being displayed.



  • Remove ability for loading events to be altered


  • Updated requirements to RN 0.42.x and RN Video 1.0.0


Restore playInBackground and playWhenInactive


Updated to work with react-native ^0.39.2.

Bug fixes

fix loadAnimation infinity loop

  • added if statement to loadAnimation function to prevent loop

Crashes with New version of react-native-video

  • using latest github version of react-native-video to fix multiple issues with RN 39



Add ability to set seeker bar colour

Bug fixes

When seeking sometimes seek handle hops back to original position


Bump to 1.0.0 as all major issues are fixed and API has changed slightly.


Bug fixes

Seeking before onLoad triggers onEnd

  • modified pan handler to also look for if loading state which is set to false on init and changed when onLoad fired.

setState being called when window off screen

  • added componentWillUnmount function to clear controlTimeout
  • Note that if using react router componentWillUnmount will not fire unless you configure it to. See this ticket

If title is too long it runs off the page.

  • added flex 0.6 to size and restricted number of lines to 1. If it exceeds you'll get tail ellipsis



  • Aesthetic changes made with regards to spacing in the bottom control group
  • Tightened up space in the upper group as well.


  • Changed control timeout to 15s by default. Allow the ability to overwrite. See API.
  • Added ability to add container and video styling


Bug fixes

Clean up file Structure:

  • cleaned up deps and files included.


Bug fixes

Tapping controls doesn't reset control hide timeout:

  • add resets to panhandlers for volume/seek areas
  • add resets to renderControl function onPress params.

Control backgrounds should be gradients

  • Changed vignette assets to be more subtle.
  • Added stretch to resizeMode

Volume track bar is visible through volume icon

  • Rebuilt volume area to be four parts. Container (ctrls max width), track (right side of icon), fill (left side of icon) and the handle (icon).
  • Added calculation to measure fill bar width and then subtract that from the width and assign to track bar on right side of icon.
  • Long story short, the icon now masks the volume bar.

Clean up file structure


  • Added loading icon when buffering movie
  • Add error handling, ref: Issue #4