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  • Update to latest gulp and mocha


  • seed() is on faker, not random
  • Add section for setting seed
  • Add Patreon campaign
  • Fix demo URL in Readme


  • Add dataUri method
  • Add additional https option for imageUrl
  • Add exports for az locality
  • Add lorem.slug method
  • Expose seed option to Faker class
  • Don't allow / in file names or paths
  • Typo in require statement
  • Add database method
  • Move password generator to core
  • Add internet.ipv6 method
  • alphaNumeric takes now count as a argument
  • Add IBAN and BIC generator functions


  • Fix aomount and price argument dec for case = 0
  • Default shuffle value
  • Fix dec for amount in finance
  • Don't allow path seperators in generated filenames in system
  • Add lorem.slug to functional test
  • Don't throw in helpers.shuffle on empty array
  • Adds precision value to faker.random.number call
  • Fix typo in doc string
  • misspelling of 'Liaison' from
  • Remove duplicate Congo from country.js
  • Clean up faker.commerce.department method
  • Correct spelling


  • Azerbaijani localization has been added
  • Realistic Dutch city naming components
  • Add CZ Czech


( partial change log see: for full details )

[docs] Added JSDocs

[fix] Prevent apostrophes in return value of internet#domainWords
[Fix] Display first month as 1 not 0.
[fix] random.uuid not using seeded number generator
[fix] image api size check 
[fix] update bower
[fix] implement street suffix
[fix] hacker.phrase - generate random string for each lexical instance

[api] Added safe_email method
[api] Added method for getting random locale
[api] Added semver method
[api] Added parameters to fake method
[api] Added randomness to image generation
[api] adjust findName method to allow for gender based prefixes
[api] [locale] Added basic support for generating UK postcodes
[api] [locale] Added LV (Latvian) locale 
[api] [locale] Added date for Swedish locale
[api] Added better lorem methods
[api] Added system module
[api] Added finance.bitcoinAddress


See commit history on Github for change history


  • Adds i18n internalization of fake data sets
    • contributed by Marak
  • Reduces surface of API, removes redundant API calls
    • contributed by Marak
  • Replaces legacy build system with GulpJS
    • contributed by Marak
  • Replaces legacy browserifying system with Browserify
    • contributed by Marak
  • Adds basic financial generators
    • contributed by josefsalyer
  • Adds internet.userAgent using random-ua library
    • contributed by Marak
  • Adds currency codes and symbols using random-ua library
    • contributed by MQuy
  • Replaces use of Math.random in favor of node-mersenne package
    • contributed by Marak
  • Adds bower support
    • contributed by daytonn
  • avatarUrl optimization
    • contributed by MQuy
  • Fix - Remove this scope
    • contributed by goliatone
  • Fix - IE9 charAt() bug
    • contributed by beastlike
  • Fix - now returns a Date object instead of JSON
    • contributed by Marak


  • Fixes random date functions that did not distribute results.
    • contributed by pmalouin
  • Fixes context of findName
    • contributed by juampi92
  • Updates to switch changes over to using 2 args to support min/max
    • contributed by avanderhoorn & edshadi
  • Added ISO 3166 countries
    • contributed by MaerF0x0
  • UMD support
    • contirbuted by xaka
  • Uk Postal Codes
    • contributed by schmtw
  • Undefined global object for webworker fix
    • contributed by dnbard