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July 13, 2000
  • [CORE] fix XSS issue


July 12, 2000
  • [CORE] update dependencies, move to react16


July 11, 2000
  • [EXTRA] remove canUseDOM modification in testlib.stopBrowserEnv()


July 10, 2000
  • [EXTRA] the default server extra will pass error to next() now


July 9, 2000
  • [EXTRA] support client side .redirect() as location.replace() now


July 8, 2000
  • [CORE] fix .toString() CIRCULAR detection bug


July 7, 2000
  • [EXTRA] the page store now receive payload.query when .handle_UPDATE_URL()
    • [EXTRA] the server extra .createMiddlewareWithRouting() now also dispatch req.query


July 6, 2000
  • [EXTRA] refine gulp to prevent 1 extra restart when boot server


July 4, 2000
  • [EXTRA] add new extra to provide .redirect()
    • [EXTRA] now this.routeToURL() depends on this.redirect() for error handling or external links


July 2, 2000
  • [EXTRA] gulp config test_coverage.default.babel removed, please use .babelrc file
    • [EXTRA] createMiddlewareWithRouting can handle METHOD correctly now
    • [EXTRA] can store METHOD now
    • [EXTRA] routingAction can handle POST correctly now


July 1, 2000
  • [CORE] remove context API: ._getHeader() . All request related things should be placed into a rpc.
    • [CORE] refine context API: .dispatch() now always returns a Promise and never throw exception.
    • [EXTRA] now will throw when try to .dispatch('UPDATE_URL') to different host.
    • [EXTRA] new API: .getPath()
    • [EXTRA] API change: rename .getRoutingParam() to .getRouteParams()
    • [EXTRA] now handle url.href more correctly
    • [EXTRA] remove deplicated API: .getParam() (should migrate to .getParams() )
    • [EXTRA] fix a typo in gulpfile
    • [EXTRA] gulp config eslint_fail changed from through object into function


  • [CORE] fix fluxex-client, use react-dom now
  • [EXTRA] refine gulpfile
    • add devDep: tcp-port-used
    • add react-dom into devcore
    • removed config: aliasify (you should put aliasify config in your package.json)
    • removed config: babel (you should put babel config into .babelrc)
    • now do not build devcore.js when it exists to save server start time, you can still use gulp build_devcore to force generation.
    • use tcp-port-used npm moudule to do browserSync reload at correct time.
    • removed config: nodemon_restart_delay
    • new config: port (default is 3000)
    • new config: BSport (default is 3001)
    • now supports nodemon.json
  • [EXTRA] remove extra/polyfill, please change require('fluxex/extra/polyfill'); to require('babel-polyfill');
  • [EXTRA] use babel 6.0 now:
    • new required devDep for your application: babel-register, babel-polyfill, babel-preset-es2015, babel-preset-react, babel-plugin-transform-runtime
    • remoded devDep for your application: babel-runtime
    • please change require('babel/register') to require('babel-register');
    • please copy .babelrc from node_modules/fluxex/.babelrc if you do not have one.


  • [CORE] refresh dependency, move to react 0.14.0
  • [CORE] new dependency for your project: react-dom
  • [EXTRA] refine gulpfile
    • remove devDep: jshint jscs gulp-jshint gulp-jscs gulp-jshint jshint-stylish
    • add devDep: gulp-eslint eslint eslint-plugin-react babel-eslint
    • remove config: jshint_fail, jscs_fail
    • add config: eslint_fail
  • [EXTRA] migrate to eslint now:
    • please copy .eslintrc from node_modules/fluxex/.slintrc if you do not have one.
    • you do not need .jshintrc now
    • you do not need .jscsrc now
    • you do not need .jshintignore now


May 3, 2000
  • [CORE] update package.json to support webpack
    • [CORE] Fluxex.InitScript supports devcore.js now
    • [EXTRA] refine gulpfile
      • will remove configs.aliasify , please use your package.json to store aliasify configs
      • remove unused react-tools and through2
      • jshint fixed
      • new devcore bundle task for develop mode to save main bundle time and file size
      • support config.uglify
    • [EXTRA] remove devDepdency of application: through2, react-tools
    • [EXTRA] add new dependency of application: iso-call
    • [EXTRA] add new devDepdency of application: envify
    • [EXTRA] unlock all locked dependency of example projects
    • [EXTRA] refine page Store URL parsing logic
    • [EXTRA] deprecated extra/fetch, migrate to extra/rpc
    • [EXTRA] polyfill IE8 console in extra/polyfill now (powered by Console-polyfill)
    • [EXTRA] deprecated .middlewareRouting() and .initServer() in extra/server
    • [EXTRA] new .createMiddlewareByAction() and .createMiddlewareWithRouting() in extra/server


May 2, 2000
  • [CORE] support React owner context now
    • [CORE] do not require process.cwd() hack on Html.jsx when .createApp() now
    • [CORE] remove ._getInitScript() from context API
    • [CORE] turn exception inside an action creator into a rejected Promise now
    • [EXTRA] support change fetch baseURL
    • [EXTRA] remove server/client logic from fetch (now done by aliasify)
    • [EXTRA] refine gulp exported config
      • remove .lint_files.js and .lint_files.jsx (now .lint_fiels is array)
      • move babel config from .babelify to .babel
      • migrate to new gulp-jsx-coverage, rename test_coverage.default.react to test_coverage.default.babel
    • [EXTRA] refine gulp task names:
      • remove lint_flux_js and lint_jsx (use lint_js now)
      • remove watch_flux_js (use watch_js now)
    • [EXTRA] fix initState bug in pjax.js
    • [EXTRA] support target!=self click in pjax.js
    • [EXTRA] scrollTo(0, 0) when routeToURL()
    • [EXTRA] fix extraAction should after UPDATE_URL issue in server.js


May 1, 2000
  • [CORE] new Fluxex.Title component to handle title change and fix IE8
    • [EXTRA] new fluxex/extra/history to enable html5-history-api
    • [EXTRA] new fluxex/extra/polyfill-ie8 to enable IE8 polyfills
    • [EXTRA] refine pjax and routeToURL to support IE8 by html5-history-api


  • [CORE] fix .dispatch() magic UPDATEALL
  • [CORE] refresh dependency, move to react 0.13.0
  • [CORE] support new react context
  • [CORE] use babel as default jsx transcoder
  • [CORE] support es6 features in jsx
  • [CORE] IE8 fix (tweak constructor matching logic)
  • [CORE] remove .getInitScript() from mixin
  • [CORE] new Fluxex.InitScript component to handle initialize and fix IE8
  • [EXTRA] extre/gulpfile: new configs for babel


  • [CORE] rename store methods: ._get(), ._set()
  • [CORE] support .initialize() for stores
  • [CORE] refine serialize function to keep null and undefined
  • [CORE] .executeAction() for components now do not return promise
  • [CORE] support waitFor for stores
  • [CORE] new context API: ._getHeader()
  • [EXTRA] use mocha-jenkins-reporter for better output when CI build
  • [EXTRA] refine common stores getter functions
  • [EXTRA] big API changes for fetch related functions
  • [EXTRA] better error messages for routing


  • [CORE] remove json path support of .set() and .get()
  • [EXTRA] remove fetch.appMixin
  • [EXTRA] refine some gulp setting naming


  • [CORE] remove all with-promise related API, use .bind() instead


January 11, 2000
  • [CORE] Extended executeAction() API to pass all arguments into action creator
    • [CORE] Remove all polyfill related dependency
    • [CORE] Depend on with-promise to keep context API can be accessed in all .then()
    • [CORE] dispatch() now returns all return values from handlers as promise
    • [EXTRA] Extended fetch.createServices() to handle preRequest logic
    • [EXTRA] New gulp tasks for jscs, test and coverage
    • [EXTRA] New routing mixin and helper functions


January 10, 2000
  • [CORE] Add standard doctype to support IE9
    • [EXTRA] Enhanced gulp tasks: disc_app to analyze bundle file size
    • [EXTRA] Better fluxex_starter message


January 9, 2000
  • [CORE] Now .getInitScript() will return empty string when .initClient() is done.
    • [CORE] Now .set() on undefined do not require 3rd parameter.
    • [CORE] Rename FluxStore to FluxexStore.
    • [CORE] Now .emitChange(), .addChangeListener() and .removeChangeListener() return FluxexStore itself for chaining.
    • [EXTRA] Add new fluxex_starter command to create your new project.
    • [EXTRA] Add new fetch extra module to wrap npm:request calls by service name.
    • [EXTRA] Now gulp task will minify javascript by npm:uglifyify.
    • [EXTRA] Better error handling in pjax.
    • [EXTRA] Fix a bug in .routeToURL().
    • [EXTRA] .getInitialState() in storechange now return an empty object when .getStateFromStores() return nothing.


January 8, 2000
  • [CORE] Now all stores receive magic action **UPDATEALL** then emit change.
    • [EXTRA] Now gulp develop task will watch/lint/restart by server script.
    • [EXTRA] New .getUrl() method in common store page.
    • [EXTRA] New method .routeToURL() to deal with client side routing by this.routing action.
    • [EXTRA] New helper function middlewareRouting() to mount a routing fluxexapp.


January 7, 2000
  • [CORE] Now all action promise handler can access context by this.
    • [CORE] New .restore() method for FluxexObject, FluxexStore and Fluxex.
    • [EXTRA] New helper function middleware() to mount fluxexapp + action as express middleware.
    • [EXTRA] New common store page to deal with url and routing information.
    • [EXTRA] Sorter watch delay time for gulp tasks. Add document about vim setting to prevent double change events.
    • [EXTRA] New mixin to provide common .getInitialState() and .onStoreChange()` implement.


January 6, 2000
  • [EXTRA] Better gulpfile for develop envionment.


January 6, 2000
  • [CORE] Add .executeAction() to react mixin .


  • First version for beta test.
  • [CORE] Internal methods for react mixin now prefix with _ .
  • [Example] first sample project to demo fluxex.